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Temporary Employee Placement

Unexpected or seasonal order peaks? Orizon offers the right HR concept:

The placement of temporary workers. This means classical temporary work that helps you bridge situational or seasonal shortages and remain flexible.

Our strength is the tailored placement of employees – independent of their qualification –, who complement your team both at a professional and personal level and ensure the success of your Company. Thus, you can react to short and long-term personnel bottlenecks, act more flexibly and focus on your core competencies. Additionally, you run a lower risk and only pay for hours actually worked. We are in charge of everything else such as absence due to illness and Holidays.

Our collaboration is based on the legal provisions for temporary work, sometimes also called personnel leasing, that offer the employees social protection.

We will be glad to assist you as partner and provide you with short and long-term HR solutions and find the right employees, who support you during their assignment.For this, we give a personal consultant to you as support. Of course, you also have the possibility, after a period of getting to know each other, to employ our staff permanently. Alternatively, you can simply end an employee’s assignment. It is entirely up to you.

Temp to perm

Within temporary placement, temp to perm offers the possibility to get to know your new employees without obligation and then employ them directly, if desired. Thus, you can test the professional and personal skills of your potential staff, but also the employees can find out whether the working relationship is the right one.

In case the new employee does not fit in with your company, she/he will remain employed by Orizon and we will be happy to look for a new candidate for you.