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Aviation Services: Personnel Placement And Secondment.

The industry insiders and experts of the Aviation unit hire out qualified and motivated specialists and managers, offer strategic solution concepts especially adapted to this sector, and know the special challenges occurring in aviation. Our long co-operation with renowned enterprises highlights our high demands and high quality when filling vacancies in this highly competitive market.

We bring the right staff aboard!

Those who want to be successful in the competitive aerospace sector need good employees.Especially companies that continually advance ideas and products in Research and Development maintain a long-term competitive advantage.

Orizon provides aerospace manufacturers, suppliers and service plants with efficient and powerful HR solutions.Rely on our excellent network of applicants and benefit from our good contacts in both aerospace and aviation as well as from our keen sense for people and trends.

Thanks to our long experience and to having a background of a medium-sized business, our services are perfectly attuned to the needs of our customers that can bank on high recruitment skills and a qualified selection of applicants in all fields. In the aviation field, we pay particular attention to the following factors:

  • Quality standards: our employees meet highest demands and are used to measure themselves against the zero-error principle.
  • Safety: we only employ people that we checked for safety and reliability.
  • Materials: our employees are experienced in working with modern and high-quality raw materials such as titanium and CFRP.

We bring the right staff aboard. What solution are you looking for?

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