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Staffing Projects with Orizon


Outsourcing projects, tasks or departments that tie up many employees and consume much time allows you to focus on your core competencies and to sharpen your business profile. We undertake these tasks for you – with full transparency and cost control. Outsourcing with Orizon offers relief and safety.

On-Site Management

There are many employees on secondment in your company? Orizon coordinates and controls the assignments of the external staff directly on your premises. And relieves your HR department.

Master Vendor

As Master Vendor Orizon manages the assignments of all temporary workers. Your advantage: Only one contact – even with different suppliers.

Managed Service Provider

As Managed Service Provider we are your contact and completely coordinate all temporary staff working for your company. Additionally, we monitor the recruitment of qualified employees.

Managed Solutions

Take advantage of the advisory expertise and the experience of Orizon’s specialists for a targeted and strategic consulting on all personnel matters, particularly for complex or labour-intensive projects.


Of course, we also offer further, varied HR solutions and concepts and take care of your individual requirements.

Orizon GmbH

Managing Director

Jens Tettenborn

Berliner Allee 28 C

86153 Augsburg

T: +49 821 50991-712

E: j.tettenborn@orizon.de