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Mechanical Engineering & Crafts

Throughout Germany, Orizon has an extensive candidate pool with more than 100.000 applications per year. Additionally, we use latest recruitment methods to find the specialists with industrial or crafting skills that you need: from production staff and industrial specialists to craftsmen and master craftsmen.

In-depth knowledge of growth markets

Thanks to our profound understanding of the industries we can exactly determine which capabilities and skills will meet your challenges. Among others, we serve the following industries: vehicle construction and rail transport technology, crafts, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, chemical-technical industry, food industry and renewable energies.

Strategic HR concepts

Of course, the type of service depends on your needs: in addition to personnel secondment and placement, with our Staffing Projects – such as Outsourcing, On-Site Management or Managed Solutions – we offer solutions that are as individual as your company. In any case, we search, select and recruit suitable candidates in the fields of mechanical engineering and crafts exactly according to your specifications. Thus, you always possess the necessary know-how and remain very flexible.