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Office, finances and administration

In the background of every company, administration, organisation and administration are the operational base. This is the domain of commercial specialists, who keep the flock together with know-how and accuracy.

Rely on our sense: We find the employees, who meet your requirements with heart, enthusiasm and expertise.

Just the right candidates

In our comprehensive employee and applicant pool, we service commercial specialists and managers from across the entire spectrum of office and administration activities as well as specialists in the fields of marketing, HR, quality management and many more.

Individual HR solutions

Apart from the professional qualification, in staffing matters, it is especially the problem-solving expertise that counts: by hiring out personnel, we provide you with the right staff for a short or medium term to bridge seasonal shortages or order peaks. As a matter of course, we also take care of the complete recruitment process to fill your vacancies permanently and extend your permanent workforce. For long-term, strategic HR concepts or those critical to success, you can fall back on our Staffing Project Key Account Management.