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A strong community

iGZ German Association of Temporary Work Agencies (Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V.)

Orizon GmbH is a member of iGZ, one of Germany’s two large employers' organisations in the temporary work industry. Founded in Münster, Germany in 1978, the association with the largest membership in the industry represents the interests of more than 2 750 temporary employment agencies. Since 2004 already, there is a sectoral collective agreement for temporary work in the Collective Bargaining Association of the German Trade Unions Confederation (DGB). In 2012, this was extended by individual collective surcharge agreements for various sectors and thus satisfies the demand for equal pay for temporary workers and permanent workforces

With our iGZ membership we give our customers and employees the security of wage structures anchored in collective agreements. “Good temporary work centres the needs of employees and clients. Thus, it achieves a higher acceptance among permanent staff and maintains the peace in the company,” as stated by the iGZ Initiative. For our customers, this means good and motivated employees. For our employees, this means employments with attractive conditions and interesting perspectives. What else we do for our employees, we introduce with our Orizon PlusPoints and our Initiative Future.